GetExperience Platform Utilises Metaverse For Future Expansion 

GetExperience Platform Utilises Metaverse For Future Expansion 

The idea of “metaverse” is just about to become the reality and revolutionize the way people experience traveling. Alexander Pershikov, who is a founder of — one of the world biggest travel experiences marketplaces — supposes that companies already need to incorporate the mechanisms of “metaverse” into their work. has already developed a new way of tackling customers’ needs based on a unique bidding engine which combines best offers for the client and then, using special AI algorithms, provide one with the best personalized choices. Pershikov is certain that by offering now both offline and online experiences, does not only appeal to the customers all around the world, but also intensifies efforts of other companies to involve the cutting-edge mechanisms of metaverse in their services and products.

Nowadays, the plans of incorporating metaverse technologies in different areas concern more business rather than the tourist sphere. Started as a feature of gaming development, metaverse is now provides businesses with solutions in many other industries by allowing brands to use online tools to ease the communication with the clients and enhance the level of services. Pershikov claims that such trends only reflect the current development of the world reality — and the question of full incorporation into the digital reality remains to be acute. 

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First timers guide to Venice

Travelling to Venice for the first time? Want some tips on how to make the best out of your time here? Then you are in the right place. We definitely know how you can feel the atmosphere of this enchanting city to the fullest. 

Hardly can I find a person who has never heard about Venice in their lifetime. This is the city with no roads, called the “capital of canals” where one is going to commute using medieval-styled gondolas. Venice is world-wide claimed to be the city of all lovers, thanks to its romantic passages between numerous sestieri and gorgeous architecture produced in the best traditions of the Italian school. The contrast between the medieval tiled housings and the water surface is explicitly beautiful during the sunsets and sunrises, giving Venice the status of a genuine magical city. 

There is little wonder why it is important to, first, do research about the city before actually going there. Once you are in Venice, you would like to see every corner of this town. For many tourists, unfortunately, it is not possible. In this guide we have collected the list of tips on how to make your journey to Venice the journey of a lifetime. 


  1. Get the overview of Venice

Once you are in the city, do not rush to the most famous sites. These are usually overcrowded almost all time during the day and you will not get the true atmosphere of the city there. You had better take a ride in one of the gondolas where you can sit comfortably while the guide takes you along small canals that go through the historical part of the city. Sipping a glass of wine and catching a breeze in your hair, you will totally fall in love with Venice at first sight. The main advantage of such a trip is that you can get around almost the whole historical part of Venice, as the city is quite small, so you will find yourself orienting in the new area much better than many other tourist crowds. 


  1. Go to San Marco and San Polo

San Marco Squire is the heart of the city — this is the living historical heave of Venice which continuously attracts more and more tourists each year who want to take a glimpse at this wondrous town. Standing on St. Mark’s Square, you can easily discover and see every other famous site. Take a panoramic view of the squire, visit the basilicas located there, and move on to explore more of Venice. 


  1. Get full eating genuine Italian cuisine 

You cannot eat too much pizza and pasta — especially in a place like Venice. Go off the beaten track, get lost in street mazes and have your meal at some small local place where you are surrounded by locals only to soak up the atmosphere of a true Italian food experience. If you visit Italy in summer, you will be able to buy sweet and delicious gelato on every corner. So do it, as there are multiple flavours displayed and each of them is worth trying at least once.


  1. Look at Venice from above

Become is, undoubtedly, incomparably beautiful — but wait till you see it from above. In the city centre you can find an almost 100-meters tall bell tower which features the panoramic view of the whole town once you reach the top. A sweet bonus for everyone daring to get up the tower is that you do not need to climb any stairs. You will be taken up in a quick elevator, so that you save your powers. 


  1. Visit an aqua market 

Venice is famous for many traditional sightseeing experiences. Though if you go beyond these common routes inside the city, you can find a small yet a totally genuine aqua bookstore. Sounds promising, right? The Alta Aqua bookstore is a colourful sight of Venetian modern culture which demonstrates how much Italians are keen on education and self-development. In the courtyard there is a book staircase, where you will be depicted a wonderful view upon a neighbouring canal. As for the books, you can find Italian authors as well as classical English and German masterpieces. And do not be surprised that during your whole visit you will be accompanied by a group of pouring cats — they are the local guides in this museum and will give you no chance to leave without a book. 

What You Can Do In Chicago In Winter

What You Can Do In Chicago In Winter

The festive season is the time to get away from the daily routine and mark the beginning of a new year by visiting a city you have never been to. The USA is a big country with numerous unique places to see, but today we will show you Chicago — the American capital of gangsters, gold rush, and mafia. Wonder what you can do in Chicago? Then this guide is a must-read for you! 

Winter in Chicago is a perfect opportunity to escape noisy tourist crowds and soak up the spirit of this gangster city to the fullest. Everything is decorated,  the streets are covered with a thin layer of snow, and snowflakes glow in the sun rays. A huge advantage to the overall atmosphere is cheaper accommodation, compared to the spring and summer months, and lower flight rates — all things that make such a trip even more enjoyable. So if you are a winter-lover and not afraid to get a little chill, read about the best entertainment and welcome to snowy Chicago.

  1. Go ice skating in Millennium Park

The ultimate iconic winter experience is ice skating in the famous Millennium Park, which is located in the heart of Chicago. It’s a wonderful place to have a look at all the beautiful scenery of winter Chicago. You can choose two ways of gliding here: take the traditional circles around the rink, or skate through Maggie Daley Park, where your paths will be curvier but even more magical. Surrounded by glowing pine trees, the route seems magical. Do not forget to take a cup of hot mulled wine at a local store after your skating experience to warm up.

  1. Go exploring “The Loop” 

“The Loop” is the historical area of Chicago downtown. It is bustling and filled with numerous tourists and office workers on a daily basis; nevertheless, it should definitely be on your bucket list for a number of reasons. Firstly, one of the tallest buildings in the world, the Willis Tower, is located here. The panoramic view of the glowing city from the top of the tower will take one’s breath away. The snowball illusion will be created while you walk on the glass floors with 1300 feet under you. Secondly, “the Loop” has many museums where you can hide from cold temperatures to explore the history of Chicago. Lastly, there are several green spaces in the “Loop” that you can visit even in winter, as they are more than just trees and plants. A sculpture garden and other historic buildings have been assembled here to please visitors.

  1. Go snowshoeing and sledding on Northerly Island

What can be better than going down a slippery snowy slope, laughing and clinging to your loved ones in warm hugs, as you sled in Lake Michigan? The Northerly island allows you to do it. The peninsula is also full of different animal experiences, such as whooshing through snow drifts on sleds with huskies or observing the wild winter birds that inhabit the island. On a relatively warm day, make the most of your trip to the natural beauty of Northern Island. And if you are a family with young children, be sure that your children are just going to like having fun here.

  1. Find magic at traditional Christmas markets 

Though Christmas markets are usually found in European towns, Chicago also has some great places to go shopping for the best Christmas decorations and little surprises for their loved ones. The Christkindl markets are scattered around the best spots in the city center and are truly magnificent and as authentic as you can imagine. The top-notch locations are in Daley Plaza and Wrigleyville. Though the markets are quite similar, frankly, it is worth visiting them both. Wrigleyville invites visitors to take part in the Santa Claus workshop and others, as well as to watch Christmas films and more active entertainment, while in Daley Plaza, you can walk along the illuminated passages and streets, drink mulled wine, and watch hand-made merchandise.

  1. Visit Lincoln Zoo park 

You can definitely come and see funny and unique animal creatures at Chicago Zoo all year round. But only during the holiday season, starting in mid-November till January, you can find a dazzling exhibition of Christmas lights.Trees shine in all the colors of a rainbow. There are rainbow tunnels installed from lights, as well as sculptures of Christmas characters like Santa or his deers. You will enjoy delicious Christmas treats and tastings to sip on mulled wine during your stay at the zoo.

Posh atmosphere: the best restaurants in London

Posh atmosphere: the best restaurants in London

London is the capital of cultural, historical, fashion, and business life in Europe. This is the place where everyone dreams of coming to at least once in their lives. So this place is full with tourists every season throughout the year. The city itself is a combination of numerous historical and cultural paths one takes to plunge into learning something new about this city or the country of England. London — as the whole United Kingdom — is a peculiar place with its features, museums, art galleries, and other tourist attractions, scattered around the whole city. No wonder one gets quite hungry while coming to see all of the interesting places. And maybe the UK does not have a cuisine which is as distinctively popular and highly praised as Italian or French, for instance, but London definitely has a number of places one should drop by — and, believe us, they are not only about food. What are these places? Read this guide to find out. 

  1. St. John 

Unusual as London itself, St. John has always taken as its core principle the high quality of its food and excellence of its services. Although the restaurant is in the Michelin road book of the United Kingdom, this restaurant managed to keep the original atmosphere created by Fergus Henderson there. The interior of the place is simple but cozy and agreeable which allows the visitors to concentrate on their plates and not on surrounding distractions. Once you try food here, you will come back over and over again for such delicacies as pigeon, potted pork, or ox liver — an old-school British dining style that you can hardly find in any modern place these days. The restaurant is located in the very heart of the city in a historical district of Farringdon which is never overcrowded by tourists — another major bonus of this place. The price ranges from £41 which is totally worth it for an unprecedented eating experience. 

49 Lexington St, W1

  1. Brutto 

London, being a melting pot of many cultural traditions and nationalities coming to the UK every year, seems to have something for everyone’s liking. Brutto is made in the best traditions of a true Italian trattoria with the same aromas of Italian cuisine flying in the air and the unquestionable style of the place itself. The food here is diverse and rewarding in terms of its flavors and combinations, and, most importantly, is delicious — which, of course, goes without saying. The ambience of the restaurant is created not only by a conventional design of an Italian trattoria but also by the dedicated and lovely staff working here. The prices for central London are also quite pleasant, with the average bill starting from £30.

35-37 Greenhill Rents, EC1M

  1. Milk Beach in Soho 

Milk Beach restaurant is a local gem filled with love and comfort mixed with constant care about its guests. It is located in Soho district which gives the visitors an opportunity to take a break between their museums and shopping experiences in Central London and enjoy the best quality international and English food. The menu varies from chicken salt chips to fluffy potato gems with buttermilk served with slices of salmon. An additional charm of the place lies in the variety of cocktails offered here: good old Margarita or classical Bloody Mary come perfectly well with yummy appetizers. You absolutely feel as if you want to eat every item from the menu in a place like this. The price range varies from £10 to £30 for a single dish.

19-21 Lonsdale Road

  1. Petersham Nurseries

The pearl of Covent Garden, one of the most loved restaurants in the whole of London, and simply a charming place that makes you fall in love with its vintage chandeliers and huge carved mirrors at first sight — this is all about Petersham Nurseries. The place has a spacious dining room filled with wrought-iron tables and vintage decor. The atmosphere is strengthened by the presence of hedges on the walls and a small cute garden outside of the restaurant. Reminiscing about the roaring twenties, this restaurant is perfect for calm conversations about art and long lingering meetings with your loved ones. Menu included items of international cuisine, and it is highly recommended to pay special attention to saffron gnocchi with Cornish mussels or a selection of exuberant pastas. The food here is — to make the story short — outstanding. The average bill starts from £41. 

Floral Court, London, WC2E 9FB

  1. 1251, Islington 

You will find here neither solid courses to eat till you are full nor a thick menu suggesting to try dishes from all corners of the world. You come to 1251 for a different reason. This small but perfectly amiable restaurant is a place where you elegantly sip your drink or long on seaweed with foams and jus. 1251 is an open-minded place which transfers the colors and nature of Londoners. Therefore, coming here is a unique opportunity to dive into local habitats and get a glimpse of British national identity. Creamed pumpkin, tender white lamb, orkney scallops — just a few of brilliantly cooked dishes served here. Average bill ranges from £30 to £80. 

1251, 107 Upper Street, London N1 1QN


Feel like a Pharaoh: best entertainment in Sharm El-Sheikh

Feel like a Pharaoh: best entertainment in Sharm El-Sheikh

Egypt sounds like delicious oriental deserts and hot sand under your feet. It sounds like bright sun and starry nights. Egypt is history of this world, kept in big pyramids and protected by a formidable Sphynx. Everyone at least once in their lifetime heard legends of great Egyptian gods and brave rulers of Egyptian kingdom. So Egypt is defiantly should be on the list of places you must go. 

Sharm El-Sheikh is a newly born city on Sinai which is washed by warm waters of the Red Sea. Egypt — apart from all its historical value — is one of the most unique places on Earth due to its location and natural beauty. And Sharm El-Sheikh is a great chance to enjoy almost all natural and human-made pearls of this mysterious oriental land. So how to feel like a true Pharaoh once you are there? 

1. Visit Luxor and the Valley of the Kings. 

At first sight the Valley of the Kings might seem as a usual collection of ancient tombs which carry the kings and queens of days gone by. But it is only the first and not really true impression of this place. Luxor and the Valley of the Kings is a splendid location near the river Nile which is famous for its rich archeological discoveries and majestic atmosphere of powerful statues and towering pillars created by our ancestors thousand years ago. Underneath the dust and kilometres of sand lie ornaments and decorations carved in the memory of grands Pharaohs and threatening Gods. 

Ancient Egyptians believed that after death the soul goes to the next world, so the Egyptian rulers must have been be buried with honour to enjoy the same greatness in the afterlife. There they would reborn alongside the gods and continue their life journey. For this reason, ancient Egyptians preserved the body of the ruler by mummifying it and then putting it in a tomb. All ruler’s belongings, including riches, jewellery, clothes, food, and even rule’s companions were buried with him to provide them with all the necessities and luxury in the afterlife. 

To see all the splendour of Ancient Egypt there take a cruise boat to enjoy the whole beauty of the river Nile and feel like Tutankhamun or Cleopatra whose royal processions once crossed the Nile in the same fashion. The cruise boat deck is located within the walking distance from the first monuments of Luxor — the temple of 

Amun Ra, the chief of Egyptian gods. If you want to get to Luxor in the most comfort, you can take a plane in the international airport of Sharm El-Sheikh which will carry you to Luxor in no time. It is also the fastest way to reach African part of Egypt from Sinai. 

2. Enjoy water entertainment in the most dangerous sea in the world 

Water jets, diving, water skies and many more other amusing activities are waiting for extreme travellers who are not afraid to live their life to the fullest. The Red Sea is worldwide known for its longest living coral reef. This is one of the saltiest and warmest seas in the world where you can swim with numerous marine species floating just next to you, from colourful fish to fascinating dolphins. The sea has a deep blue-green colour with purest water which makes diving more than simply possible. Once you are in Sharm El-Sheikh, you will be offered dozens excursions to delight in diving activities. The most exiting of them is the boat trip to Tiran Island where you make a stop to dive in the open sea with a view at peculiar islands and a vip trip to Ras Mohammed National Park which suggests diving activities for amateur and professional divers. Take a yacht and a hat to protect yourself from the bright sun rays and head right there — the road won’t take more than 1 hour.

3. Watch the night sky in the desert 

Egypt is the motherland of nomadic tribes who inhabited these places for centuries — the Bedouin. Nowadays, these people still preserve their old traditions and speak a laynauguge understood only by them. Desert is the place they were born in, so they are the best tour guides for you if you want to discover the charm of this mighty natural force. 

Desert is far from being a boring place. It offers you many entertainments, such as riding a camel on the safest and the most picturesque route led by a wise Beduin. You can try to explore the desert on your own — to do this, you can take a buggy and cleave through barkhan dune alone or with your companions. Desert is particularly beautiful at the sunset when the sun starts to go down crescent-shaped sand mountains and the night falls on the desert. Then you just need to look up and the outer space shines with its most striking glares. You don’t event need a telescope to see constellation of stars. So take a travelling rug, oriental sweets to treat the Bedouin people and sit under the starry sky, listening to cracking noises of a campfire and the intense voice of the universe. 

4. Fly to Petra or Jerusalem 

Sharm El-Sheikh is located on Sinai which is quite far from the centre of Egypt, Cairo. Such location, nevertheless, makes one-day trips to surrounding sights more than possible. And, believe me, these sights are worth visiting. If Luxor wasn’t enough for you, Petra is your next choice. It’s a famous areological site in the middle of a Jordan’s desert. The uniqueness of the places lies in ancient tombs and temples being carved into the nearest mountains which makes them unique and out of this world. Supernatural facades and ornaments take you back to Earth centuries ago, so you walk them imagining to be an ancient ruler or an artist living in this stone city. 

Jerusalem lies just opposite Jordan, across the Dead Sea. It is the white gem of Western Asia containing religious relics, such as the Western Wall and the Dome of the Rock. Go to Jerusalem not only to sea places of pilgrimage, but also to witness the Israeli local colour: Jewish men in long black coats with uncut sideburns and kippahs are everywhere from the first minutes you enter the city. Both Petra and Jerusalem are easily reached by plane — 40 minutes in the sky and the whole day next to enhancing World Heritages is guaranteed to you. 

For some, Egypt might seem to ordinary to visit, but once you go off the beaten track and allow yourself to see this place from another perspective, you will have the holidays of your lifetime here. As ancient Egyptian proverb goes “True knowledge comes from the upward path which leads to the eternal fire”. Egypt has been the source of inspiration for many generations, and, who knows, maybe your trip to Sharm El-Sheikh will be no less fruitful.