Where to find best views in Amsterdam

Where to find best views in Amsterdam


The Netherlands have been seducing its visitors with blooming fields of tulips, air filled with freedom, and magnificent works of art kept in the national art museums. Take a step out of an urbanist environment, and nature takes you up totally. Enter any city in the Netherlands, and you will not be able to stop wandering around its narrow passages and paved streets scattered around long canals. 

But the pearl of this country has been its unforgettable capital — Amsterdam. Even the name of this city sounds charmingly pleasing to the ear. Today we are virtually traveling to Amsterdam to share with you the best observation locations there, so when you visit the city one day you do not have to waste time chasing the best spot to soak up all the beauty of the Holland capital. 

You can be absolutely sure — any spot in Amsterdam is beautiful itself. Either you choose to take a walk along mazes of gingerbread houses or swim through a similar labyrinth of gothic buildings on a boat, you will be surrounded by the free spirits of Amsterdam. It might even feel like this city puts its spell on you. So being charmed and captivated, every visitor wishes to linger in these Amsterdam vibes. Our collection of the best observatory places to get the finest views of Amsterdam is exactly for those who would like to stop their rush around the city and just absorb the genuine atmosphere of the city. 



NEMO Science Museum 

The rooftop of the NEMO Science Museum is one of the best observatory spots in Amsterdam. It is not even a usual rooftop — it is the highest square in the whole country of Holland which was designed by an architect Renzo Piano as a special place for people to meet and hang out with each other. During the warm summer days, it is a perfect place to gather together with friends and sip some chilling cocktails while glimpsing at the gorgeous city of Amsterdam in the dim lights of a disappearing sun. The place is, moreover, easily accessible by anyone, as it is free for all visitors no matter if you visit the museum first or not. The roof has a number of small but pretty cafes with tasty traditional food and drinks and all spectacular local sights are located nearby. That is what makes NEMO one of the best places to enjoy the wonderful European city.



A’DAM Lookout 

If your wish is to get the best panorama of the city, A’DAM Lookout is the ideal spot you need to rush to. Located on top of the A’DAM Tower in the Northern part of the city, this observation deck gives the best panoramic views of Amsterdam. The place is also famous for its thrilling yet exciting “Over The Edge” swing — the highest swing in Europe. Take a ride if you are not afraid of moving back and forth hanging up 100 meters above the ground. A’DAM Lookout also contains a restaurant with international cuisine and a nice terrace bar where you can chill while observing the rich grace of one of the greatest European cities. 



Blue Amsterdam

Amsterdam is not only about pretty houses from the pages of fairy tales. It is a modern city as well with appropriate architectural style which features skyscrapers and towers. In one of such glass towers you can find Blue Amsterdam — a splendid restaurant with affordable prices and a breathtaking 360-degree view of Amsterdam. The experience is 100 times better if you visit this spot on a bright sunny day when the sun rays reflect in the glass of the building. The tower itself is a huge shopping mall, so in your free time you can also enjoy visiting a few local shops.



Skylounge Amsterdam

Situated in DoubleTree by Hilton Amsterdam Central Station, Skylounge Amsterdam presents itself as one more rooftop bar in our list which is definitely worth visiting while you are in the Netherlands. The place is cherished and valued for the best views it offers onto the greatest highlights of the city as well as its chefs’ claimed skills. The food there is too good not to be seduced by it. The menu includes all types of European cuisine and American cuisine. The bar is on the top floor of the building and is open until 3 a.m which makes it one more superb location to enjoy Amsterdam in the sunset colors. 




Canvas is one of many popular bars situated on the east side of Amsterdam. It is first and foremost known for its delicious food and exceptional drinks served alongside a stunning view that one can observe from the rooftop of the bar. Coming here offers you a possibility to spend a very pleasant evening with a cocktail in hand observing the night sky. The place, furthermore, has hot sauna rooms and hot tubes that are specifically designed for many people, so this is also a place for a great party. 


Where to find the best views in Tokyo

Where to find the best views in Tokyo


A country of Asian colors and blooming flowering cherries. A city of anime, strange fizzy drinks, and millions of people. Yes, you are right — we are speaking here about Tokyo. And, in the same fashion as you guessed the city name at the first words in this modest description, you will fall in love with Tokyo — at first sight and totally, for evermore. 


The Tokyo Metropolis is a capital of Japan which presents itself as a colossal mix of an ultramodern megapolis of cutting-edge technologies and deep historical roots of Japanese mentality. It is the place where night shadows of neon-lit tweets reflect and dance on the façades of historic temples built hundreds of years ago. This is a city of towering skyscrapers pearling through the clouds, surrounded by a hustling anthill of people moving back and forth on the busy city streets.  


The skyline of Tokyo is one of the most memorable in the whole world. It is a unique combination of peaky ancient sacred buildings and modern constructions. Surely you cannot miss a chance to glimpse at this peculiar yet charming site once you come to Tokyo. And for this you need this guide of the best observation decks in Tokyo. So let’s get started. 


Tokyo Tower

Originally built as a tower for broadcasting radio and TV programmes, Tokyo Tower later was opened to the public and currently serves as one the tallest observation decks in whole Japan. It has two levels from where the visitors can observe the city. The first, main, observatory is located at 150 meters height and the second being one hundred meters higher. The feature of the tower is in its shape which is easily confused with the famous Eiffel Tower in Paris. It is especially tricky at night, since the Tower is shimmering with lights in the same way as its French counterpart. The Tokyo views you can see from the Main Observatory include Rainbow Bridge and Zojo-ji Temple located to the east of the Tower. 



Tokyo Skytree

Tokyo Skytree is the highest modern construction in Japan. You have definitely seen this building before in some pictures of Tokyo or in different advertisements, as it is one of the best known landmarks of contemporary Japanese architecture. It is built itself both from outside and inside as well as it presents the general visitors with the best views of Tokyo. The major problem with accessing them is long everlasting queues of people desiring to climb it. If you want to avoid these, you have to book a tour to the top of the tour in advance or come here in the early morning. The observation deck is open for visitors from 8 a.m every day. 



The World Trade Center

Being in Tokyo, you definitely want to see one important sight which is located outside of the city — it is Mount Fuji. In Tokyo there are several places that give you a view of this natural wonder, and The World Trade Center Top Observatory is one of them. The observatory is located on the 40th floor of the center at the height of 152 meters. It also offers pretty nice views on Tokyo Bay and some other highlights, including Tokyo Tower. Our advice is to visit this observatory at sunset, so if you are lucky, you could get a glimpse of Mount Fuji in the tender lights of the disappearing sun. 


Fuji TV Building Observation Deck 

Fuji TV corporation headquarters is an operating studio for commercial nation channels, though it also has its own observatory deck and even exhibitions and tours around the studios. Apart from other observatory places in this list, this one is for a small fee. It is, however, still worth a visit due to the unusual shape of the building itself and the panoramic view of the nearby embankment. Even if you do not climb the observatory platform, visit the building: the entrance is free, and what you can find inside is interesting to see. 



Hawaii is generally accepted as a paradise on Earth by both tourists and representatives from the media sphere. It is no wonder that these tropical volcanic islands have swiftly acquired a reputation for charming film location areas. You will be surprised how many movies you have watched were filmed in Hawaii. Examples include Blue Crash, TV series Lost, Pearl Harbour, and even some scenes from Hunger Games were made in Hawaii. 


There are, of course, many more examples, since Hawaii remains to seduce film directors to come to work there by its natural beauty, exotic landscapes, and pristine virginal vegetation. The ocean views and beaches, moreover, deserve a special place in the hearts of those who were lucky to visit Hawaii in their life. 


These Hawaiian film sets are usually located in genuinely exciting places. So if you are now planning your trip to Hawaii, we’ve compiled a list of the top film locations on the islands for you to visit.



It would be totally fair to say that Oahu is the most beloved film location with the movie directors in Hawaii. It is a record holder due to its different yet equally attractive sceneries that include grassy fields, rocky and sandy beaches, greenish mountains, and jungles. Imagine what astounding pictures one can take in such circumstances! Being a fan of Lost, you will notice plenty of familiar sites near Kaneohe Bay or in He’eie Park. Waikane Pier which is also located nearby is famous for such films as Godzilla and 50 First Dates


Visiting these locations is a piece of cake: there are many tourist companies which offer designed tours into the area where tourists can step on the same paths the characters from their favorite films took. Go there for terrains from Jurassic Park and ocean outlooks from Windtalkers


Halona Cove

Apart from being a film set for many blockbusters and box-office winners, Halona Cove is a magnificent natural wonder. The place was created by a combination of molten lava tubes that emerged there because of frequent volcanic eruptions. Halona Cove is a thousand years old, and you can feel it in the grandiose atmosphere that you soak up once you get there. Yet the place is charming and pretty. It has the loveliest small beach and an overview of mountains with turquoise-coloured water. The location is known to every Frank Sinatra fan, as From Here To Eternity was filmed there. The spirit and thrills of adventure also captures you in Halona Cove when you see the noticeable panoramas from Pirates of the Caribbean there. 



Not only great films but also children cartoons were inspired by Hawaiian comeliness, Lilo & Stitch being the brightest example. The northern shore of Kauai island served as a reference point for many tropical outside locations featured in the cartoon. 


As for adult films, there is no end to movies filmed there. Those include Raiders of the Lost Ark whose paths you can explore if you set off for a kayaking trip in the mountain rivers or Pirates of the Caribbean and Jurassic Park which are easy to distinguish to the film lovers with the palm sites or Nawiliwili Harbour. 



Island of Maui 

Idyllic beach fronts that just melt you down wanting to emerge and linger in these places as long as possible — this is what Maui scenes bring to the silver screen watchers. Maui is the second largest island in Hawaii which is known as “The Valley Isle” thanks to it believed-to-be sacred green valleys and, surely, world-famous beaches. Every time a film director wants to have perfect beach scenes, hardly do they resist going to Maui. Some filmmakers create not one but several of their films there, as they are so in love with Maui: for example, Adam Sandler is a known Maui adorer (watch his Just Go With It for picturesque views of Maui coastline). 

Travel Goes Meta – Is It the End of the Industry We Know?

Travel Goes Meta – Is It the End of the Industry We Know?


The current trend of going digital is capturing more and more industries — and the travel one does not remain to be an exception. All around the world businesses are adapting to the new reality where online tools and virtual services run the show. Even classical offline services, being currently largely popular, are looking towards the perspective of moving in the metaverse. The question is, though, what chances they have there. Metaverse started as a gaming feature; however, during the COVID-19 pandemic times, the world saw its potential in other spheres as well with numerous collaboration of digital with face-to-face services and offline products. Digital tourism has become a result of one of such integrations, coming as both beneficiary for customers all around the globe and easy for business to conduct and maintain. 

Metaverse brings plenty of perks to the travel industry, as Alexander Pershikov, the founder of GetExperience.com — one of the world’s biggest travel experiences marketplaces, states. He is certain that metaverse is inclusive and launches a totally different project, attracting various people from both customer and investment sides. Think about it for yourself: metaverse eases traveling and makes it more affordable — you do not even need to leave your house to explore the prettiest sites in the world. It is convenient — no more long hours spent waiting for a plane or standing in long queues. Digital traveling is eco-friendly, as tourists use significantly less planes which reduces the carbon dioxide emission and other pollution. Last but not least, it is simply bizarre which makes more and more people crave for getting familiar with this themselves. The complete integration of the virtual and the real in tourism is still not complete, and the possible consequences of such a prospect stay unknown. One thing is for certain: this trend has already been set in motion, as we are already a part of the digital world.

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GetExperience Platform Utilises Metaverse For Future Expansion 

GetExperience Platform Utilises Metaverse For Future Expansion 

The idea of “metaverse” is just about to become the reality and revolutionize the way people experience traveling. Alexander Pershikov, who is a founder of GetExperience.com — one of the world biggest travel experiences marketplaces — supposes that companies already need to incorporate the mechanisms of “metaverse” into their work. GetExperience.com has already developed a new way of tackling customers’ needs based on a unique bidding engine which combines best offers for the client and then, using special AI algorithms, provide one with the best personalized choices. Pershikov is certain that by offering now both offline and online experiences, GetExperience.com does not only appeal to the customers all around the world, but also intensifies efforts of other companies to involve the cutting-edge mechanisms of metaverse in their services and products.

Nowadays, the plans of incorporating metaverse technologies in different areas concern more business rather than the tourist sphere. Started as a feature of gaming development, metaverse is now provides businesses with solutions in many other industries by allowing brands to use online tools to ease the communication with the clients and enhance the level of services. Pershikov claims that such trends only reflect the current development of the world reality — and the question of full incorporation into the digital reality remains to be acute. 

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