Where to find best views in Amsterdam

Published on January 16, 2023


The Netherlands have been seducing its visitors with blooming fields of tulips, air filled with freedom, and magnificent works of art kept in the national art museums. Take a step out of an urbanist environment, and nature takes you up totally. Enter any city in the Netherlands, and you will not be able to stop wandering around its narrow passages and paved streets scattered around long canals. 

But the pearl of this country has been its unforgettable capital — Amsterdam. Even the name of this city sounds charmingly pleasing to the ear. Today we are virtually traveling to Amsterdam to share with you the best observation locations there, so when you visit the city one day you do not have to waste time chasing the best spot to soak up all the beauty of the Holland capital. 

You can be absolutely sure — any spot in Amsterdam is beautiful itself. Either you choose to take a walk along mazes of gingerbread houses or swim through a similar labyrinth of gothic buildings on a boat, you will be surrounded by the free spirits of Amsterdam. It might even feel like this city puts its spell on you. So being charmed and captivated, every visitor wishes to linger in these Amsterdam vibes. Our collection of the best observatory places to get the finest views of Amsterdam is exactly for those who would like to stop their rush around the city and just absorb the genuine atmosphere of the city. 



NEMO Science Museum 

The rooftop of the NEMO Science Museum is one of the best observatory spots in Amsterdam. It is not even a usual rooftop — it is the highest square in the whole country of Holland which was designed by an architect Renzo Piano as a special place for people to meet and hang out with each other. During the warm summer days, it is a perfect place to gather together with friends and sip some chilling cocktails while glimpsing at the gorgeous city of Amsterdam in the dim lights of a disappearing sun. The place is, moreover, easily accessible by anyone, as it is free for all visitors no matter if you visit the museum first or not. The roof has a number of small but pretty cafes with tasty traditional food and drinks and all spectacular local sights are located nearby. That is what makes NEMO one of the best places to enjoy the wonderful European city.



A’DAM Lookout 

If your wish is to get the best panorama of the city, A’DAM Lookout is the ideal spot you need to rush to. Located on top of the A’DAM Tower in the Northern part of the city, this observation deck gives the best panoramic views of Amsterdam. The place is also famous for its thrilling yet exciting “Over The Edge” swing — the highest swing in Europe. Take a ride if you are not afraid of moving back and forth hanging up 100 meters above the ground. A’DAM Lookout also contains a restaurant with international cuisine and a nice terrace bar where you can chill while observing the rich grace of one of the greatest European cities. 



Blue Amsterdam

Amsterdam is not only about pretty houses from the pages of fairy tales. It is a modern city as well with appropriate architectural style which features skyscrapers and towers. In one of such glass towers you can find Blue Amsterdam — a splendid restaurant with affordable prices and a breathtaking 360-degree view of Amsterdam. The experience is 100 times better if you visit this spot on a bright sunny day when the sun rays reflect in the glass of the building. The tower itself is a huge shopping mall, so in your free time you can also enjoy visiting a few local shops.



Skylounge Amsterdam

Situated in DoubleTree by Hilton Amsterdam Central Station, Skylounge Amsterdam presents itself as one more rooftop bar in our list which is definitely worth visiting while you are in the Netherlands. The place is cherished and valued for the best views it offers onto the greatest highlights of the city as well as its chefs’ claimed skills. The food there is too good not to be seduced by it. The menu includes all types of European cuisine and American cuisine. The bar is on the top floor of the building and is open until 3 a.m which makes it one more superb location to enjoy Amsterdam in the sunset colors. 




Canvas is one of many popular bars situated on the east side of Amsterdam. It is first and foremost known for its delicious food and exceptional drinks served alongside a stunning view that one can observe from the rooftop of the bar. Coming here offers you a possibility to spend a very pleasant evening with a cocktail in hand observing the night sky. The place, furthermore, has hot sauna rooms and hot tubes that are specifically designed for many people, so this is also a place for a great party. 


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