Feel like a Pharaoh: best entertainment in Sharm El-Sheikh

Published on November 9, 2022

Egypt sounds like delicious oriental deserts and hot sand under your feet. It sounds like bright sun and starry nights. Egypt is history of this world, kept in big pyramids and protected by a formidable Sphynx. Everyone at least once in their lifetime heard legends of great Egyptian gods and brave rulers of Egyptian kingdom. So Egypt is defiantly should be on the list of places you must go. 

Sharm El-Sheikh is a newly born city on Sinai which is washed by warm waters of the Red Sea. Egypt — apart from all its historical value — is one of the most unique places on Earth due to its location and natural beauty. And Sharm El-Sheikh is a great chance to enjoy almost all natural and human-made pearls of this mysterious oriental land. So how to feel like a true Pharaoh once you are there? 

1. Visit Luxor and the Valley of the Kings. 

At first sight the Valley of the Kings might seem as a usual collection of ancient tombs which carry the kings and queens of days gone by. But it is only the first and not really true impression of this place. Luxor and the Valley of the Kings is a splendid location near the river Nile which is famous for its rich archeological discoveries and majestic atmosphere of powerful statues and towering pillars created by our ancestors thousand years ago. Underneath the dust and kilometres of sand lie ornaments and decorations carved in the memory of grands Pharaohs and threatening Gods. 

Ancient Egyptians believed that after death the soul goes to the next world, so the Egyptian rulers must have been be buried with honour to enjoy the same greatness in the afterlife. There they would reborn alongside the gods and continue their life journey. For this reason, ancient Egyptians preserved the body of the ruler by mummifying it and then putting it in a tomb. All ruler’s belongings, including riches, jewellery, clothes, food, and even rule’s companions were buried with him to provide them with all the necessities and luxury in the afterlife. 

To see all the splendour of Ancient Egypt there take a cruise boat to enjoy the whole beauty of the river Nile and feel like Tutankhamun or Cleopatra whose royal processions once crossed the Nile in the same fashion. The cruise boat deck is located within the walking distance from the first monuments of Luxor — the temple of 

Amun Ra, the chief of Egyptian gods. If you want to get to Luxor in the most comfort, you can take a plane in the international airport of Sharm El-Sheikh which will carry you to Luxor in no time. It is also the fastest way to reach African part of Egypt from Sinai. 

2. Enjoy water entertainment in the most dangerous sea in the world 

Water jets, diving, water skies and many more other amusing activities are waiting for extreme travellers who are not afraid to live their life to the fullest. The Red Sea is worldwide known for its longest living coral reef. This is one of the saltiest and warmest seas in the world where you can swim with numerous marine species floating just next to you, from colourful fish to fascinating dolphins. The sea has a deep blue-green colour with purest water which makes diving more than simply possible. Once you are in Sharm El-Sheikh, you will be offered dozens excursions to delight in diving activities. The most exiting of them is the boat trip to Tiran Island where you make a stop to dive in the open sea with a view at peculiar islands and a vip trip to Ras Mohammed National Park which suggests diving activities for amateur and professional divers. Take a yacht and a hat to protect yourself from the bright sun rays and head right there — the road won’t take more than 1 hour.

3. Watch the night sky in the desert 

Egypt is the motherland of nomadic tribes who inhabited these places for centuries — the Bedouin. Nowadays, these people still preserve their old traditions and speak a laynauguge understood only by them. Desert is the place they were born in, so they are the best tour guides for you if you want to discover the charm of this mighty natural force. 

Desert is far from being a boring place. It offers you many entertainments, such as riding a camel on the safest and the most picturesque route led by a wise Beduin. You can try to explore the desert on your own — to do this, you can take a buggy and cleave through barkhan dune alone or with your companions. Desert is particularly beautiful at the sunset when the sun starts to go down crescent-shaped sand mountains and the night falls on the desert. Then you just need to look up and the outer space shines with its most striking glares. You don’t event need a telescope to see constellation of stars. So take a travelling rug, oriental sweets to treat the Bedouin people and sit under the starry sky, listening to cracking noises of a campfire and the intense voice of the universe. 

4. Fly to Petra or Jerusalem 

Sharm El-Sheikh is located on Sinai which is quite far from the centre of Egypt, Cairo. Such location, nevertheless, makes one-day trips to surrounding sights more than possible. And, believe me, these sights are worth visiting. If Luxor wasn’t enough for you, Petra is your next choice. It’s a famous areological site in the middle of a Jordan’s desert. The uniqueness of the places lies in ancient tombs and temples being carved into the nearest mountains which makes them unique and out of this world. Supernatural facades and ornaments take you back to Earth centuries ago, so you walk them imagining to be an ancient ruler or an artist living in this stone city. 

Jerusalem lies just opposite Jordan, across the Dead Sea. It is the white gem of Western Asia containing religious relics, such as the Western Wall and the Dome of the Rock. Go to Jerusalem not only to sea places of pilgrimage, but also to witness the Israeli local colour: Jewish men in long black coats with uncut sideburns and kippahs are everywhere from the first minutes you enter the city. Both Petra and Jerusalem are easily reached by plane — 40 minutes in the sky and the whole day next to enhancing World Heritages is guaranteed to you. 

For some, Egypt might seem to ordinary to visit, but once you go off the beaten track and allow yourself to see this place from another perspective, you will have the holidays of your lifetime here. As ancient Egyptian proverb goes “True knowledge comes from the upward path which leads to the eternal fire”. Egypt has been the source of inspiration for many generations, and, who knows, maybe your trip to Sharm El-Sheikh will be no less fruitful. 

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