First Timers Guide to Paris

Published on February 7, 2023


The place where rebels of roaring twenties went to find thrills. The city of everlasting romance written by poets and carved by the architects. The site where history seems to be dwelling at every corner as if you are to turn right or left and bump into a historic figure of the days gone by. Do any of these ring a bell? If yes, you must be thinking about only once city on earth — Paris. Nothing is altogether sweet, seducing, exciting, and breathtaking as Paris. Nothing is — and nothing will ever be. Once you come to Paris, they say, you immediately fall in love with this city. There is no way back. 


The memories of these places will be in your heart and mind forever. And you will be constantly tempted to go back. That is why Paris is visited again and again by tourists from all around the world. The city is keeping you in its beautiful cage — and, honestly, you do not want to break free. 


Even for experienced Paris-lovers and those who have been there a thousand times there is always something to explore. But if this is your first time in the city of affection and love, take this guide and plunge into the atmosphere of charm, excellence, and pleasure combined. 


The Eiffel Tower 

Of course nobody can come to Paris and not head towards the Eiffel Tower straight one arrived in the city centre. This is one of the most famous buildings in the entire world — not to say a lot about France where this is genuinely epic and unique construction. Presented to the French by Americans, the Eiffel Tower carries the title of the city sign, so it is not mixed with anything else. There is plenty to do in this spot. Surely you can climb the tower to cast a look upon the whole of Paris: the view will be as gorgeous as Paris itself. In the warm spring or summer time you can have a picnic on the lawn next to the tower where you may take memorable photos or wait till the evening to see how the tower sparks and twinkles with its lights under the starry sky. 


The Louvre 

This is the biggest, the most prominent, and simply the most unusual historic museum on the planet. You have definitely seen a high glass pyramid surrounded by carved buildings dated back to the 18th century. Hardly this description sounds as a huge place where you can find pictures of Da Vinci and Picasso, Michelangelo and Van Gogh — and many more it is impossible to name here. It has the largest collection of antics, including artifacts from expeditions to Ancient Egypt. The collection is no less striking than the building of the museum itself. Remember that you need to allocate enough time if you decide to visit the Louvre Museum — you will hardly be able to walk it all in one day. 


Historically and traditionally, Montmartre is called a district of art. It is, indeed. The moment you step its curvy hills and cobbled paths, you feel the spirit of cultured know-it-alls, French and American writers kept on dusty bookshelves, and thrilling parties on speedy cars and with uncomfortable bottles of champagne. This is Montmartre. It is also worldwide famous for Moulin Rouge — an old French cabaret with dazzling performances and loud music. The place has acquired its fame as a birthplace of what we now know as can-can dance. The Basilica of Sacré Coeur (The Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris) is also worthy of your attention. And after visiting it, take a chance to sit on the steps leading to its entrance and glance at the skyline of Paris. 



River Seine 

You cannot visit Paris without taking a cruise down its famous river. Take a boat at any place alongside the Sceine to swim near an extraordinary Latin district, the Louvre Museum, and just beautiful Parisian streets. You will as well pass upon old carved bridges and spot legendary landmarks of the embankment where multiple masterpieces of the world’s culture were created. There are a  hundred opportunities to find a company which provides boat services for every budget and liking. The average price of a ticket will not exceed 15 euros for a person.


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