Go bananas: why everyone adores Mallorca?

Published on November 9, 2022


What is your first thought when you hear Mallorca? Do you imagine crazy all-night parties with cocktails and recent music hits? Or you start dreaming about your next vacation, as you are lying on a sandy beach? Thousands of Europeans and people from all over the world come to Mallorca every year to forget about their routinous jobs, try new water entertainments, and visit places of natural beauty. Despite many other places having similar qualities and characteristics, people still choose to go back over and over again to Mallorca. What makes this happen? Why everyone prefer Mallorca to go bananas?

Reason No1.
Looking for a place without prejudices and biases but with every imaginable entertainment possible? Welcome to Mallorca — a place for everyone. It is children tolerant and control free. If you are a student form Germany, you will find craziest and noisiest night clubs on Mallorca to spend sleepless nights at. Palma de Mallorca, the capital city of an island, is a party place in the heart of the Mediterranean region. Each night club in Palma is different and has its own charm. BCM Planet Dance, for example, is the largest of all and nominated as the 5th best club in the world. It has a huge terrace for partying under the starry sky as well as it hosts best worldwide known DJs. Tito’s Nightclub is famous for its history. It is the oldest nightclub on the island — and, still, one of the most popularly ones.

If you arrive on holidays with kids, you will not miss the whole fun either. The island is rich with aqua parks and active attractions, say karting and stand up puddle, which would be favoured by all family members. Mallorca, moreover, offers a number of unique excursions to the caves which carry the name of “Caves of the Dragon” or to a Rancho Grand park, so kids will always be as entertained as their parents happy and content.

Reason No2.
Agile backpackers and experienced travellers definitely find Palma to be quite curious to visit. It contains a number of historical sights, such as Cathedral de Mallorca which stand at the Old Harbour. The interior of the cathedral lights up with thousands of peculiar shapes and ornaments thanks to stained-glass windows which date back to 14th century. Away from the city center one can also be surprised by historic sights on Mallorca. Castillo de Bellver was founded in the 13th century as a protecting tower and served as royal courtyard for several centuries. This place is a

genuine example of medieval European architecture, having elements of Gothic and Roman ornaments and arcades. All historic sights are open for the public and,

definitely, worth visiting. The sense of good old days charm the visitors this much, so they return to these places again — now to sip the glory of the former Spanish kingdom and reminiscent about feats from the distant past.

Reason No3.
The city is not only colourful and historical — the capital also has many beautiful beaches to lounge by the sea — Cala Major, Playa de Palma, and Playa del Arenal. All of them are sandy and perfect on a hot summer day. The island even holds its own seaside resort called Puerto Portals which is dearly loved by the Spanish royal family and other celebrities coming to Mallorca. Even experienced travellers would be taken aback, in a good way, by the natural beauty of this area which can only compare to the luxury of numerous yachts and posh restaurants. From the marina away to the open sea — fishing is a popular pastime here. Boat trips are also a splendid way to soak up the traditional atmosphere of the Mediterranean region and examine Mallorca with its peculiar natural shapes from a relative distance.

Mesmerising turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea, captivating summits of green mountains filled with succulent fruit and olives, poignant colours of the past heritage and keen nightlife — all of this makes Mallorca a desirable destination for thousands. And if you are really happy somewhere, why not to return there again?

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